Saturday, February 5, 2011

SAL Finishes, and a New House!

Hi all!  I hope everyone's week has been a good one, and all have managed to survive the wicked weather!  Our area didn't get the ammount the weatherman was calling for, but we still got enough!  My DD had a snow day last Wednesday, and a PA day on the Thursday, so she was quite happy!  She and I spent her snow day stitching and watching movies, which was lovely!  And since I got my housework done Thursday and Friday, now all I have to do this weekend is laundry and stitching!

On to the updates!  Finished Part 18 of Castles in the Air by Papillon Creations!  A little Tudor cottage!  I just can't seem to stop gushing about this one!  I love how everything is turning out!  But I think that if I had the whole complete chart in front of me, I would be overwhelmed!  But by stitching pieces of it every month, it isn't overwelming and I look forward to the challange!
Here is a close up!  I just love the arbor!  It is just so sweet!
I outlined the fence, otherwise you couldn't see it, and adding metallic blue to the white would just look silly on the fence!

I also started the February ornament for my ornament SAL.  I really wanted to do a Gingerbread one, and really liked the Country Cottage Needlework one from the August JCS ornament preview issue.  As I was stitching it, I noticed the title,"Season of Love" and thought it was pretty apprpriate for the month of February!  February being the month of love, hearts and other gushy stuff!  LOL!
Have a new start to share with you!  I couldn't help it!  I thought it was so cute!  I am working on Brooke's Books Winter House Challenge!  I used some fabric, metallic floss and beads that I had in my stash!  We are to make it our own by adding beads, buttons and whatever else takes our fancy!  It has two cardinals in it, so you see why I needed to stitch this one?!?!
This is what I have done so far!  I have set it down now though to work on my Flower of the Month afghan, Februrary's Violets!

I don't have any new pictures of birds, but I thought I would show you one that I took over the summer.
I am sorry that it is kind of hazy, but my camera went from air conditioned house to hot late afternoon summer air very quickly, and I had to get the shot!  There was a banded pigeon that had started to hang around my bird feeders (Sorry, I should have taked pictures of it!) for a few days.  But one day I noticed a bunch of white stuff on the back lawn, and went over to investigate, and discovered it was feathers!  Later that afternoon I saw this Cooper Hawk guarding its kill!  I felt bad for the pigeon, but it was sorta neat to see the hawk!  But other birds disappeared for a few hours!  They don't particularly like it when hawks come to visit!  LOL!  The hawk took off with the pigeon into a tree.

Well, that's all I have to share this time!  I hope everyone is staying warm and dry, and stitching!  Till next time!