Friday, March 4, 2011

March Has Been Good To Me, So Far!

Boy, am I glad February is over!  The weather has been crappy!!  Snowy, cold, and all I have wanted to do all month is hibernate!  But have heard that winter isn't done with us yet!  Apparently, it's supposed to be cold and yucky into May!  Darn weather man!  Did you know that Meteorologist is Latin for "Liar" ?! (Just kidding!  Heard that joke somewhere before!  LOL!)

Since the weather has been so bad, I have been fairly busy stitching since I last blogged!  Have finished off two more sides of the VS Gingerbread Stitching House!  I love watching them together!

And here is my update on Castles in the Air!  Part 19 had either another floral square or a "Folly", and enchanted glade!  Mom chose the folly!
Here is the close-up!

Next, here is my March Ornament of the Month SAL piece!  It is from the 2006 JCS Ornament issue!  Had this on kitted up for a while, so I thought I would get it done!  I think I will be turning this one into a pillow ornament!
One of the few bright spots in the month, was a trip to my LNS  , Stitch-It-Central, with my DD and my parents!  Mom, DD and I spent just over an hour in the store, while Dad waited patiently (Thanks, Dad!) in the car!  It is a good thing we stopped for coffee first!  LOL!  This is a fantastic store, and she has a super on-line store as well!  Maria is wonderful!  And her selection is great!  If you get a chance to visit or shop on-line, please do so!  Her prices are very competitive!  I plan on doing most of my needlework buying with her!
Picked up Crescent and Weeks Dye Works floss for more SAL ornaments, as well as a few DMC's, some fabric for a Christmas project, Kreinik threads for DD and myself, and a smaller hoop for the ornament stitching!  Plus, she gave Mom and I each a small Lizzie Kate chart for the month of February!  Which was only for on-line customers!  Not sure I should have mentioned that, but I just wanted to show you all how wonderful I think she is!  Mom gave my DD hers because DD mentioned that she liked it!  That is how it came to be in my picture!
Here is DD's latest cross-stitch project!  This is from 2004 JCS Ornament issue, by Dragon Dreams!  She had most of it stitched, except for the metallic portion and the french knots.  It called for Colonial knots, but as I had never done those before, I asked whether french ones were okay!  Wasn't really a question so much as a statement!  LOL!  She's happy with the way it turned out!  Now she is working on a new project from Janlynn's called Forever Wild.  It's of horses, of course!
I am so excited!  I discovered I won a blog giveaway this morning!  I had actually forgotten that I entered!  I subscribe to this blog by email, and usually get it the next day.  So I started reading the blog entry for yesterday while I was having my coffee this morning.  Not really paying all that much attention, more skimming the entry, towards the bottom I'm reading the winner's comments to the two giveaways, and one starts to seem familiar!  Lo and behold, there is my name!  It made my day! So I emailed my thanks and address to the email supplied!  I can't wait for it to get here!  It is a new book, not yet released called Cardmaps Today, from Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine!  I think I should enter more giveaways!  LOL! 

Have started a new project from Little House Needleworks called Gingerbread Trio!  I couldn't help it, it called to me and I finally got all the floss for it!  Tee hee!  Then it will back to the Flower of the Month afghan, more VS Gingerbread Stitching House, and Part 20 of CITA!  Don't have any new bird photos this month, so far!  Hopefully it gets warm soon so I'll have some new ones!  I hope the weather is starting to get better where ever you are!  Chat soon!