Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Finish, A King, and a New Start

What can I say, it's been a while! March is always a crazy month! Between the weather and my DD, it's always nuts! This cute little ornament has been done for a while now. It is from Novalee
and I used a small piece of 28 ct that I dyed myself. Had some over-dyed floss and beads left over from some other projects. I think I will give it to my Mom after I stitch it into an ornament.

The Wednesday before March Break, the family that I lived next to where I grew up experienced a tragedy. My family has been very close to the Andersons, since we moved there the summer I turned 9. Actually, we became part of each other's families. As a matter of fact, she was like another grandmother to me and my sister. Gladys Anderson was 85. She was always a quiet, funny, creative lady. She will be greatly missed by her daughter and her four grandchildren who I have the great pleasure to call my family. I get tears in my eyes just typing this out. My sister and I had the honour of spending the Friday night before she was laid to rest with our brother and sisters (her grandchildren) where we remembered her by telling stories and memories, laughing and crying with each other. It was one of the nicest times I can remember in a long while, and I would like to believe that we helped them just a little bit with their grieving. I know that it helped me. She will be greatly missed!

On Monday, March 15th, my mother picked up my DD and I to go into Toronto to see the King Tut exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. WOW! What riches! It was amazing! To see the bed he slept on perfectly preserved! And listening to Harrison Ford's voice during the audio tour wasn't bad either. They wouldn't let us take photos, so that's why I don't have any to show you! But it sure was interesting! My DD was a little disappointed that the remains of King Tut weren't there, but I don't think they take him out of Eygpt. The jewellery, the artifacts, and statues were wonderful, and again, I am in awe of what remains intact!

After, that we journeyed up to Peterborough to spend some time with my sister. We stayed until Thursday. We shopped, visited and just hung out. It was a lovely mini-vaca! I even found a little chair for my dressing table. I have been looking for two years! Thanks again Bananie!!

This is my latest start and obsession! Teresa Wentzler's Spring Carousel Horse! I have had this pattern for about 8 years and was always afraid to start it because of all the half and three quarter stitches. Now I know better! It was started Friday February 26. I didn't get much done during March Break (see above), but she is coming along great guns now! Working on the tail, then will move on to front quarter and head!

Will have an update soon on CITA and HDYGG and the Christmas Tree as soon as I can bear to tear myself away from my horse!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Stitching, NOT!!


I have been very lax lately. I can only blame the Olympics! I got too excited to stitch! As much as I hate the winter, I love to watch the winter Olympic sports of hockey, curling and figure skating! I viewed all our atheletes triumphs with fist pumps and all their disappointments with groans! I was even yelling at the TV! My DD thought I was going nuts! And the closer they got to gold, the more excited I got, and the less stitching I actually did! I can't stitch with my stress level that high! I started The Victoria Sampler's Gingerbread Stitching House and have one side almost completed, and will post as soon as I have finished.

On another note, I have some stitching to show from before that time. I managed to put the beads on the AAN "A Christmas Tree" SAL.

I am waiting for the second part, but I think I have to rip it out, as I started it too far down on my fabric!! Grrrrrrr! That darn frog!

Next I have a couple pictures of Papillon Creations "Castles in the Air". I have finished Part 9. I am really loving this one.

It is coming along so well!! The only thing I have to worry about is my mother changing her room colours! Which she better not do before I finish this thing!! LOL!

I have wanted to try dying some fabric for a while now, and found a method for tea dying. And it worked pretty well. I used an antique white 28 ct jobelan and a natural-coloured 14 ct Aida. The 28 ct jobelan took the colour really well, and turned a nice,solid gingerbread colour. The aida looks a lot lighter, but more varigated marbled look. All in all, I am very pleased with the experiment. I have an idea to use some green tea and maybe some red. That red tea just puts me to sleep, and I have no idea why!
I used the small piece of the 28 ct for a little French ornament, which needs some gold beads! Hopefully I will get that done today and post it later. Also, I'd like to start Teresa Wenzler's Spring Carousel Horse, as I have all the fabric and threads for it now. I have had the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Carousel Horses' charts for about 8 years now, and decided that they will be my next BAP's for the next while. I will still be doing my SAL's, but want to get these done as I have always loved them. Trying to use up my stash! Wish me luck!