Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Stitching, NOT!!


I have been very lax lately. I can only blame the Olympics! I got too excited to stitch! As much as I hate the winter, I love to watch the winter Olympic sports of hockey, curling and figure skating! I viewed all our atheletes triumphs with fist pumps and all their disappointments with groans! I was even yelling at the TV! My DD thought I was going nuts! And the closer they got to gold, the more excited I got, and the less stitching I actually did! I can't stitch with my stress level that high! I started The Victoria Sampler's Gingerbread Stitching House and have one side almost completed, and will post as soon as I have finished.

On another note, I have some stitching to show from before that time. I managed to put the beads on the AAN "A Christmas Tree" SAL.

I am waiting for the second part, but I think I have to rip it out, as I started it too far down on my fabric!! Grrrrrrr! That darn frog!

Next I have a couple pictures of Papillon Creations "Castles in the Air". I have finished Part 9. I am really loving this one.

It is coming along so well!! The only thing I have to worry about is my mother changing her room colours! Which she better not do before I finish this thing!! LOL!

I have wanted to try dying some fabric for a while now, and found a method for tea dying. And it worked pretty well. I used an antique white 28 ct jobelan and a natural-coloured 14 ct Aida. The 28 ct jobelan took the colour really well, and turned a nice,solid gingerbread colour. The aida looks a lot lighter, but more varigated marbled look. All in all, I am very pleased with the experiment. I have an idea to use some green tea and maybe some red. That red tea just puts me to sleep, and I have no idea why!
I used the small piece of the 28 ct for a little French ornament, which needs some gold beads! Hopefully I will get that done today and post it later. Also, I'd like to start Teresa Wenzler's Spring Carousel Horse, as I have all the fabric and threads for it now. I have had the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Carousel Horses' charts for about 8 years now, and decided that they will be my next BAP's for the next while. I will still be doing my SAL's, but want to get these done as I have always loved them. Trying to use up my stash! Wish me luck!


Gillie said...

Tell me the name of the red tea, quick, lol, as I am dreadful insomniac! Everything looks great - I read on another group that raspberry tea is fun to dye with!

Meg said...

I am loving the way CITA is coming along -- can't wait to see it finished! That Christmas tree reminds me of a pattern I've been seeing in catalogs, I think it's called "Fashionista," an outline of a woman with a huge swirl of skirts behind her -- this tree pattern looks a lot like that swirl. Very pretty and striking.

MarchAnn58 said...

Wow every thing looks great but of course I love CITA the best. I plan to work on Pt 8 and 9 this weekend. LOOKING GOOD

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

I love your AA Christmas tree! I just saw this today on her site and I'm thinking of doing it also. Great work on your Castles, I am shamefully behind.

DUSTY said...

Your CITA is gorgeous !!! The AA SAL looks great and will be lovely when it is done. Great job on your fabric dying -- The shades look great.

1morestitch said...

Your projects are really looking nice. I like the way your fabric dying came out especially the linen. Your TW project is going to be a rather large undertaking. Gook luck with that one.

Tracey said...

Beautiful work!! And I would love to know how you dyed your fabric- I would like to try that sometime! :)

Lynn said...

Great job dyeing your fabric! I've yet to try it myself.
I love Castles in the Air. It's such a pretty piece.
I'm going through Olympic withdrawals myself right now!

Anonymous said...

CIA is looking beautiful and I'm going to look for the tea. But right now I want you to come by my blog and pick up your sunshine award...unless I left out the most important step, lol.
thanks, babs

Dani - tkdchick said...

I absolutely love the colours in that Papillon SAL piece!