Friday, July 8, 2011

Big News! A BIG Finish and Two New Birds!

Hello all my faithful readers!  It is the start of summer here in SW Ontario, Canada!  It has been hot and sometimes humid.  We aren't getting the rain we had in the spring, and we could sure use a little now!  I keep watering my tomatoes and herbs and flowers, so they are all doing fine!

I have been busy, obsessed really, with finishing my Castles In The Air!  I have finally finished it, beading and all!  I ran out of gold beads the other day, so I had to grab some at my LNS during a dash to the big city!  Here it is in all its GLORY!!!
 There really is a castle!!  LOL!

I am so excited to finally share it with you all!  It seemed a little bittersweet as I was stitching the last part.  In a way I'm sad that its done, but on the other hand, I think its time to move on!  Now it goes to my Mom and she can frame it up!  I will post a picture when she has it framed and on her wall!

Before I got the last part of CITA, I was working on The Stitch Specialists Tree of Stitches!  I showed you the fabric and threads in my last post.  Here is what I have completed thus far!
Part 1-Cross Stitch
 Part 2-Smyrna Stitch
 Part 3-French Knots
 Part 4-Eyelets
 Part 5-Rice Stitch
 Part 6-Cushion Stitch
I am working on Part 7, Jerusalem Stitch now!  I hope to slowly catch up on this one.  I have just been using overdyed floss that I have in my stash in greens and pinks.  I am loving this one!

I have a small ornament that I have been stitching while my DD is rowing, and when I ran out of beads for CITA.  I hope to be finished that in a couple of days, then I would like to concentrate on TW Designworks Spring Carousel Horse!  I hope to finish it this summer!

I have joined a new SAL group, actually an off shoot of The Stitch Specialist's group, called the TSSChatelaineSAL yahoo group!  Everyone will be working on Chatelaine's of some sort starting  August 1!  I have chosen to work on three of the smaller ones, a freebie called "A Tiny Rose Mandala Garden", and two from the Gift of Stitching magazine, "Lavender Garden" and "Romantic Rose Garden Mandala".  I am waiting for some silk threads to come in from my LNS and then have to find the beads, as they don't call for Mill Hill!  I have been searching in vain for a bead conversion for Delica beads or even a good supplier, but have had no luck!  Maybe someone out there in blog world could help!

I have a couple of my animal and bird pictures to share!  First off is this cute bunny that has been hanging around in the evenings!  I managed to snap this one thru my window!  Isn't he cute?!
 This beauty is a Baltimore Oriole!  He loves the nectar from my hummingbird feeder!  Come to think of it, I haven't seen any hummingbirds for a while!  Hmmmm.
 This shy one is a White-Breasted Nuthatch!  I have been trying to snap a photo of this one for almost a year!!  Every time I tried, I couldn't get the camera turned on fast enough!  The reason he is upside down is because I had Hubby attach a suet feeder on the bottom of my cedar feeder.  I saw similar feeder in a magazine and they didn't give a price, and I really like the idea!  Hubby said we had an extra feeder kicking around, so he just attached it!  And we saved some money! 
I hope everyone is enjoying summer, or winter in the Southern Hemisphere!  And that you enjoyed my update!  I will post soon with more stitching to show and can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!  Chat soon!