Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day, Stitching, and Wildlife

Happy Canada Day!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! And to my neighboers to the south, Happy Fourth of July!! This is a picture of my flag flying in the breeze this morning. It took a couple of shots to get this one as it kept twisting. But it turned out all right in the end.

Here is my CITA update. It's coming along very well.

Part 13 is printed out and ready to start on Monday. I need a few more days to work on my Spring Carousel horse. I will post an update on her next week!

Now, these wee finishes are from my DD, Samantha. She has a real interest in Egypt and I found these for her in an old issue of the British CrossStitcher. And it's her first venture into beads! I think she has done quite well! They're going to be made into a little pin cushion for her.
She is also in the process of working a little sphinx head, but didn't want me post it until it's finished!
And she also loves little dachshunds, and couldn't resist stitching it as well. (Again, another British CrossStitcher chart!) Not sure yet what we are going to do with this one yet, but I'll keep you posted!
As I mentioned before, my DD's and my birthday are at the end of May, beginning of June. But we purposely held off DD's friends birthday until now so we could all go and watch the new Twilight Saga Eclipse movie that has just come out! We have been so excited for the past couple of months, waiting impatiently for it to hit the big screen! It's finally here, and we're going tomorrow to see it with her best friend and her mom! We're going to grab our favourite pizza first (Rico's Pizzeria in London makes the BEST pizza in the world!! Thin crust and their garlic bread pizza is to die for!!) and then watch the movie! DD and I are Team Edward all the way! We have both read all the books, including the new novella, "The Short, Second Life of Bree Tanner". So we are primed!! LOL!!

Here are a few wildlife shots that I managed to capture.

The first one is of a fawn we've seen wandering around the farm a week or so ago.(Way on the left side of the photo!) I ran after her to try and take a picture, and that's why it's not great. I apparently run only for fire and fawns! LOL! The second was taken this morning out the window over my kitchen sink. He was singing away while eating. I just love cardinals!

And last but not least, this one is of my precious Periwinkle! She is quite loud and very opinionated, and sleeps with both my DD and me. Sometimes, both of us in the same night. She likes to play musical beds. And if I don't feed her as soon as I get out of bed, her shrill meow tells me to hurry up! She hates my Hubby, I have no idea why. She glares at him! She doesn't realize that he brings home the bacon that buys her food! LOL!

I hope everyone has a lovely start to the summer and gets lots of stitching in! Will check back in soon!


Janice and Gerald said...

Beautiful work Melissa ... now I feel guilty for ignoring my stitching, so hopefully will have some time this evening.

Janice (cdnxstitch)

COUSON said...

What a marvellous work!I have Papillon creations pattern but I didn't gegun it!Happy stitching.Couson

Sylvia said...

Melissa, the colors you chose for CITA are beautiful - I also have the pattern, but have not started. Would you share your color choices for CITA. Sylvia

Prairiemom said...

Happy belated Canada Day! Hope you had a good one, we had a nice peaceful one here in Stony Plain. Your stitching is beautiful!! I'm busy stitching away at various projects at the moment, all gifts for other people, but I hope to start something for my home soon, lol!

I'm also hoping to get my blog up and running very soon, as soon as I figure out what I'm doing! Hopefully you'll be able to visit in the near future!


Lynn said...

I'm really enjoying CITA. It's such a pretty piece!
Your DD stitching is great too! I love the Egyptian piece.
Your photo of the cardinal is awesome! We have a male and female who visit our feeder each evening but they're so skittish that we can't get a good picture.

DJ said...

Happy Belated Canada Day! I loved your pictures...all of them especially the wildlife pictures! Your stitching is lovely too! I loved the note about Princes Periwinkle, as my cat has the same feeling towards my husband as yours does. Funny how they make alliances with certain family members. She's a beauty, btw! *Hugs*