Sunday, August 8, 2010

An update, a new start, and a few finishes

Well, August is here and I have finished my goal for the month. I have worked on and finished parts 13 and 14 of my Papillon Creations SAL, CITA. I love how the blackwork looks like wrought iron. But I made a small change. I didn't think the metallic thread I am using would look good for the fleurs de lye atop the pillars so I went with black floss. To me it just stands out more.

Here is the left side (sorry it's so wrinkled, had it in my Q-snap frame and folded to reach it better).

And here is the right!

Now it's finished and waiting for Part 15 to be released mid-September.

And that gives me time to work on my surprise baby sampler. I started it on Friday night and it's coming along. I plan to work on it more this afternoon, but here is a progress picture.

It is very delicate looking. But I think it will be a fairly quick stitch, as I hope to finish it this month. So then I can get back to my Spring Carousel Horse.

My DD Samantha has been stitching up a storm lately. She has been looking thru my magazines and charts and picking out projects to work on. Here are the ones she has finished in the last 2 weeks.

More of the Egyptian motifs. Again sorry they are blurry, but I wanted to get in close so the background didn't interfere.

And this last one, she did for her best friend, Brooke. And she added the writing on the bottom all by herself. She is becoming quite accomplished! Now all we need is a nice little frame for it. She has been doing a lovely job on all her stitching. I will keep you posted on her work. She loves it when I put her projects on my blog.

Last weekend, Samantha and I went up to Peterborough to visit my sister and her hubby with my parents. We had a lovely time just visiting and shopping. This weekend we are just taking it easy and relaxing, as next weekend we will be heading up to Hubby's family's cottage. It's always nice to visit family! Till next time, keep stitching!


Trina said...

Thanks for the encouragement for linen and thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you tune in often as I will to see your beautiful work!

Happy Stitching!

Gillie said...

Well done to both of you, lovely stitching.

Lynn said...

You've both done some lovely work! Your daughter is really picking things up quickly. How nice that you can share a common interest!

DJ said...

What lovely stitching! Both you and your daughter have some lovely stitching there! So nice that you can share a common passion. Keep up the good work! *Hugs*

Megan Chamberlain said...

I love all your stitching. Could you tell me what pattern are you using for the baby sampler, my brother and sister in law have just found out they are expecting and I want to do a really nice sampler for them and yours looks lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching from both of you!

Babs in Alabama said...

Melissa, your CIA is looking so good! And Samantha is really catching on. I have three daughters, all three have stitched some beautiful pieces, but only my oldest Tami has stuck with it through the years. Doesn't it feel good to pass the art down to the next generation?!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That SAL is spectacular! That baby sampler looks so lovely.

Wow your daughter has really taken off with the stitching!