Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stitching, Cats and Big Red!

Hi all! I had intended to post an update on Monday, but it didn't get done! I have a real good excuse this time! Honest!

My internet provider was down for part of day. So, you see it really wasn't my fault! Then the power went out for a few minutes. I waited all day for the internet provider to get things worked out. I called them a couple of times to see when the problem would be resolved, and waited very patiently and politely. (With my old provider, I was snarly and miserable, because we always had so many problems, dial-up, phone lines, it was endless misery!) Then Hubby came home after picking up his load, and for supper before taking off for California. My internet was still down, so Hubby called for me to try and see what the issue was. He spoke to a really nice girl and they were trying all kinds of trouble-shooting, only to realize that I had forgotten to push the reset button on the huge surge protector!! (see above mention of power outage!) Now again, in my defense, I wasn't here when the wireless router was installed (Hubby did that!) and don't remember if he mentioned that fact. Well, now I know! The look on his face was a combination of resignation and exapiration. I am used to that. Technology and all its accompanying cords defeat me.

On to the updates, and better late than never, right? Here is the second side of The Victorian Sampler Gingerbread Stitching House. I am LOVING working with silks!! But I have to make sure that my hands aren't rough! The silks really catch on every little thing!

This is the very first biscornu that I ever stitched, but I never finished it! I couldn't figure out why it was so hard to sew together! I had a tutorial up and was following the instructions, but it still was very hard to do! I put it away to work on at a later date, and promptly forgot about it. I was between projects, and starting to go thru my stash and found it again. So I decided it was time to put it together. As I looked at it I realized that I had only used one strand of floss for the backstitched border around the design. No wonder I was having trouble whipstitching! Trying to get the needle under one strand was a exercise in frustration! After I removed the one strand and replaced it with 2 stands of floss, things went much better. As a matter of fact, I finished it that night! A UFO done!

Here is my first ornament for an ornament SAL, going for the whole year. We do one a month, and at the end of the year, we should have 12 ornaments finished! I have the stitching done, but not the actual finishing. I think I need to chat with the finisher, aka Mom! LOL!

I had a picture of my Spring Carousel Horse, but it was blurry when I looked at the photo on my computer, so that will have to wait! I only finished a few leaves, so there wasn't really that much to report anyways.

Here are some pictures of my kitties!

Chloe is very playful and likes to get into michief!! The only plant that I have and haven't managed to kill, she tries to eat!! It is my gardenia plant!

Here is Princess Periwinkle who is not at all happy with the new one! She is my baby!

Here is Hubby's buddy, Copper! This is the usual scene! All he does is sleep and eat! And snore!! Typical male!!

Now for my GRAND FINALE!! My Dad and I love to watch the birds, and he has taken special delight in telling me that he has a woodpecker at his place that I don't! He has named him "Big Red"! Everytime I was over there, I'd ask where this woodpecker was, and Dad would inform me that he had already been there! I accused Dad that he was lying! LOL! Well, I now have my own "Big Red"!! I have been trying for two weeks to get a shot of this shy giant, and Monday managed to shoot him!! Here he is!! The red-bellied woodpecker! (I'm not sure where his red belly is, but m bird book informs me that this is his name!) He actually looks like he was spray-painted with flourescent paint!

I have come to the end of the update. I am working on Part 18 of Castles in the Air, and hope to be done today. Then I would like to start Brooke's Books Winter House Challange, until February 1, when I need to work on another ornament and EMS 2010 Flower SAL afghan. Hope all is well with everyone, and the weather is good where you are! Till next time!


Kelly said...

Your stitching is all lovely. Your kitty sure is cute!

PennyB said...

Great job on your stitching. I love the little bird ornament. Congrats on your new house guest too and on finally catching a picture of him. And, not to forget your cats, they're adorable!

stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you Kelly! I am enjoying all the stitching! And my animals are such a joy to watch!


stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you PennyB! I am debating on whether or not I should get the rest of the bird ornaments as they come out! My animals make me happy! I love all their crazy antics!


Karen's Corner said...

Love your wood pecker I live in Massachusetts and I get some woodpeckers to come right to our window They are both Downy & Hairy wood peckers last spring we got a pare of Northern Flickers.
I am also working on the Gingerbread stitching house I have finished the roof and have taken a brake to do the Winter house.
Karen V

stitchesnscraps said...

Thanks, Karen! I have Downy woodpeckers too! Male and female. Can't wait to see your Stitching and Winter Houses!


Lynn said...

Great job on your biscornu! I've yet to try one myself.All your WIP look great.I'm working with silk floss right now and I just love it.
Gotta love those kitties!
We get the Downy woodpeckers here too but I've not seen a Red-Bellied one.

stitchesnscraps said...

Thanks Lynn! What are you working on that uses silks?


vEr0n!c@ said...

Congrats on finishing the biscornu. It's cute. So are Gingerbread Stitching House, your robin and of course your cats. The woodpecker is indeed a grand looking bird.

DJ said...

Oh my goodness, your stitching is wonderful!! Great job finishing your biscornu! My LNS is having a Victoria Sampler trunk show and I saw this gingerbread house's AMAZING!! Can't wait to see your progress, and I know what you mean about handling silks...they DO catch on everything!! Love your kittys, I have a male cat-that does the same as Copper...LOL. I have a few bird pictures on my blog but nothing like your woodpecker...I need a better close up lens!! What an amazing shot! I loved visiting your blog, I'll be back! *Hugs*

stitchesnscraps said...

Thanks Veronica! I do love all my animals! And having fun with all my stitching!


stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you so much, DJ! I have a few things on the go, but I like that I can work on whatever I choose! And I would love to see the Gingerbread Stitching House in all its glory! The thought of the finishing has me a wee bit stressed, though! And most of my bird shots are taken thru the front door window! I have a great camera and it takes amazing shots! Thanks again for all you nice comments! I check out your blog too! ;)


Bea said...

Great stitching Melissa. Love the biscornu. And your kitties! One of mine is sleeping on his window perch and keeps half opening one eye to check that I haven't moved.

stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you, Bea! They are pretty wonderful, our animals!


Babs in Alabama said...

I love bird ornies too and that one is just perfect :) Don't you just love it when you realize what's wrong and are able to turn a ufo into such a beautiful finish as your biscornu is...quickly? That gingerbread house is going to be awesome, as are the cats and that beautiful woodpecker.
thanks for sharing,

stitchesnscraps said...

Thanks, Babs! I am very happy to finish that one up! Now my DD is stitching her first biscornu! I'll post soon!


Villa-loredana said...

Your stitching is marvelous, and the cats even, I prefer Chloe, she is like my Lea, sincerely. Loredana.

Anonymous said...

Your Chloe looks a lot like my Percy. He's a rescue kitty and makes number 4 in the house - along with 2 dogs. The next to the youngest cat, LuLu gets along with him and they play together. She needed a playmate (she's going to be 3 at the end of May). My other two are almost 11 (Snickers & Snowcloud - sister & brother). My dogs; Zorra will be 6 and Rufus will be 3. I think I'm done with new furbabies - for a while. :8-)