Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Autumn Already?!?! (VERY Picture Heavy!)

Where did the summer go?  I remember July was HOT!!  And August, well it was nice, so I was enjoying the nice weather!  September was beautiful, but we've been having a lot of rain here in SW Ontario!  So that is why I haven't been blogging!  That is the story I'll be sticking to!  But I have been stitching!

I have started a new BAP!  Mirabilia's Cinderella was screaming at me, so I started it!  This is my progress so far!  I just love fairy tales, and Cinderella is one of my favs!
This is July's ornament of the month!
And this one is August's!  I felt like a change from Christmas ornaments, so decided to stitch a Halloween one instead!
I am a little behind in the ornament SAL, as I still have to do September's and start October's.  But as I have two exchanges coming up that call for some ornament-type stitching, I will use the exchange pieces as ornaments as well!  Killing two birds with one stone!

Hubby picked up a new camera for me in the middle of July!  My old camera is still a good one, but it took really bad close-up shots!  My new Nikon 3100 is SPECTACULAR!!  This camera is a digital SLR with manual and automatic functions!  It takes amazing close-ups!  So here are some new close-ups of my Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Stitching House!

I also finished my LHN Gingerbread Trio over the summer!  This one was so much fun to stitch!  And you know I love my gingerbread men!  LOL!

Now on to my SAL's!
First up is my Tree of Stitches!  I finally finished Part 7, Jerusalem stitch!  Oh crap!  I forgot to take a picture of Part 8, Flower stitch, which I also finished, plus the beading up to that point!  Oh well, next time!
I started a new SAL! (you know I can't help myself!)  This one is The Great Escape by Abi Gurden from The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group!
I used some pink linen I had in my stash, but then I splurged and bought Hand-Dyed silk floss!  It is so yummy to stitch with!  I just love fondling silks!!  LOL!
Part One-The Montenegrin Stitch!
Just this morning Abi released Part Two, which includes two new stitches, the Feather Stitch and Basque Stitch!  I have never done the second so this will be a real learning experience!

And just this week I started  another SAL!!  And finished it!!  This is called The Little Lace Hardanger SAL, an older one from The Stitch Specialist group!  Again designed by the wonderful and talented Abi Gurden!!  Sorry folks, it is no longer available!  I used 22 count Hardanger fabric from my stash, Caron Watercolours and Wildflowers in Flame and Mill Hill Petite gold beads!
I can't believe that I actually did it!  I have to admit that I was scared to death to make that first cut!  But I am so proud of myself for doing it!  And I am so pleased with how it turned out!  I am going to make into a needle roll!

I also started a Chatelaine, as I joined the sister group TSSChatelaine SAL group!  This is my progress so far!  Mini Rose Mandala freebie!
I only have a couple of animal pictures this time!  Here is our sweet little bebe, Chloe!  Doesn't she look innocent?  Not so demon-like here!
That is what we thought!  Until one early evening, when I sent out DD to see if she could coax Chloe in the house!  DD followed Chloe into the bean field to discover this poor baby rabbit she was mauling!  Now as far as I know, no rabbit was harmed during this adventure!  The rabbit was playing possum!  I ran out with my camera to take a photo, then DD and I went in to eat supper. By the time we had finished eating, the rabbit had disappeared!  I hope the rabbit made a clean getaway!  LOL!
It has been busy here at the Joyes house!  We have had a new roof put on, my washing machine broke and has had a new switch put in, so it's back working!  And just this week, my vehicle broke down!  
Wednesday, this week, after school, I took DD to rowing.  And when I went to run some errands, it wouldn't start!  Thank heavens Hubby was home!  Although he was out cutting the grass, and I couldn't get him on the phone,  I called my neighbour who ran over to tell Hubby!  Hubby showed up and checked the fuses and looked around under the hood!  Then we called CAA and had it towed to the dealership!  It was the starter!  So they fixed that!  Then as I was driving it home yesterday, from the dealership, it started making a horrible clanking noise!  So Hubby checked underneath and discovered a universal joint is bad!  So in it goes to the dealership again this afternoon!  Sigh!  Hopefully it will be fixed later this afternoon!

Tomorrow I am heading to my LNS for an open house to sit and stitch!  I hope to pick up my silk floss and the new JCS Halloween book, plus whatever else takes my fancy!  Will let you all know what I pick up there!
Thanks for sticking with me for the update!  I know I've been long-winded!  Hope all are having a wonderful fall or spring in the southern hemisphere!  Chat soon!


Gillie said...

The SAL girl! Crikey, Miss M, there is no holding you! Sorry about the car, hope she feels better soon!

Always smiling said...

Some lovely stitching and well done starting your Chatelaine..Enjoy your open house sit and stitch.

Hugs Chris x

Nancy in IL said...

Wow, Melissa, you are a stitching machine!!! Beautiful Little Lace Hardanger piece and will be perfect in a needleroll. I love, love, love your wonderful start in Mira's Cinderella, Mirabilia being a favorite of mine, and I see you have stitched them before (your blog header). TOS is coming along now, and I can sure tell by your floss choices and tosses that you're a big fan of pink. Lovely choices in everything!

I love your kitty. Cute story about the rabbit. I have to catch my kitties' mice in my bare hands to put them outside after they nearly play with them to death! The always run off with nenewed vigor outside because my kitties are just never hungry enough to kill them.

Thanks for en enjoyable visit!

Mouse said...

coooo you have got smoking needles this week :) love your cinderella :) and poor wee rabbit ... naughty puss cats ..soo glad it got away ok :) love mouse xxxx

Prissy said...

You stitch the neatest things! I love to read your blog. I found a copy of that carousel horse book and am about to begin to stitch Miss September! Thanks again for helping me get these patterns!

Vicky L said...

Wow! Your stitching pieces are gorgeous! I love the Ginger men Trio and your start on Cinderella! I just got that pattern in an exchange. The poor bunny!

COUSON said...

What a great job!I understand why you couldn't blog!!Very lovely stitching!Kisses

mdgtjulie said...

You have some fab projects there. Lovely!!!

Bee said...

Goodness you've been stitching up a storm, girl!
Well done for doing Little Lace; I know you were nervous but it looks absolutely great and it will make a fab needleroll! TOS is looking good and oh my, all those silks for TGE, you'll be drooling!
Shame about the car, hope it's fixed soon.
Love the pic of your puss-cat, what a sweetie!! :-)

blueladie said...

Wonderful pic! Great stitching! Love your new camera closeups! Well-done and TFS. :) Cathryn

Xeihua (Sara) said...

So many gorgeous projects you have on going and you completed, I love the colours of Little Lace I'm so sad I didn't join the group on time, but at least I know our dear Abi is already working on a new Hardanger for me to learn eheh :)

Ivana said...

Beautiful site, I will go watch!

Bea said...

Wow Melissa, busy, busy fingers. You've completed - and started some beautiful pieces. Looking forward to watching their progress.

Milly~ said...

What fun looking at all the pictures with updates and goodies. I just love your hardanger piece! Keep up the good work.

Lynn said...

My goodness but you have some beautiful stitching there Melissa! You did an amazing job on the Hardanger piece. It's so pretty and will make a great needleroll. Love your gingerbread men too!
I'm glad you enjoyed your summer and I hope your car woes are overwith for now.
You are so lucky to have a LNS to drop by. I often visit Thread & Eye in London on my way to visit family in Windsor. I'm hoping to get to Gitta's at some point too.

Rachael xxx said...

I do like that hardanger piece, the colour is lovely
Great stitching

DUSTY said...

WOW, Melissa, your finger have been busy. Great stitching. I love the Hardanger piece. Don't you just love stitching with Watercolours and Wildflowers. The colors are all so vibrant.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow-all your stitching is wonderful! You have been busy indeed

Bietje said...

I like your tree in bloom from the SAL. Mine is all in pink/red and is so different from yours. Fun to see they differ so much.

Villa-loredana said...

All thing is very nice, but on the top is Chloe, come to see her gemini sister Lea. Have a nice time. Loredana