Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Third November Post (or I don't know what to tell you, I've been busy.)

This month has been busy!  I have been busy stitching!  I seem to have more time!  My housework has been very manageable, and I am getting more done.  It has been very pleasant, to say the least!  Even with Christmas coming, I'm not stressing.  I have most of the presents bought, and a good idea of what needs to be bought.  I am slowly decorating for the holidays, so it'a all good! 

Here is my first finish of this post!  It is Tiny Rose Mandala by Chatelaine!
 It was fun to stitch!  But I had bogged down on it because I was waiting for some silk floss to finish it.  (It finally arrived!)  I have three more little Chatelaine's kitted up, and will probably work on them in the New Year!

I started and finished this one yesterday afternoon!  I needed to get my ornament done for my November  ornament SAL post.  It's from Daffy Cat's blog!
 Mistletoe Reindeer.  Took it with me while DD had her rowing workout!

Here is the progress on my Stoney Creek Moonbeams and Stardust Witch.  Now working on the crescent moon she sits on.  It is full of metallic threads!
 This is the jar I chose for the Totally Useless SAL from Daffy Cat's blog.  It is a candle jar that I thought was pretty!  Started putting my cast offs in already!

Last Saturday afternoon, my LNS, Stitch It Central, had an open house, where people get to come and shop and sit and stitch!  The meal is pot luck, so everyone brings something.  I did not stay for the meal, but I still brought something.  My wonderful mom made homemade cream puffs for me to take!!  With real whipped cream and drizzled chocolate!  They are sooo yummy!  Everyone loved them!

I needed to grab some DMC's to finish kitting up a couple small projects, but that was all I was going to buy. Unless Maria had the new CCN Gingerbread Houses!  She did. (Sigh)  It came home with me, as well as all the threads to stitch it with!  Hee hee!  I brought my own fabric from home, just in case!  lol!
 And I had to start it.  Well, I had to have something to stitch at the Stitch and Sit, didn't I?  Never mind that I brought a couple other things to stitch in case she didn't have it.  (The Victoria Sampler Ginger Bread Stitching house and The Great Escape SAL)
 Here is my progress as of right now.  This one will probably be done before Christmas.

I didn't show you all this ornament from the Great Finishing expo a couple of posts ago, although it was finished.  You see, it didn't have the lovely silver trim around it yet!  Mom discovered the silver braid after she had sewn it together, so she asked me to bring it back so she could take it apart and add the silver braid.  
 This picture does not do this ornament justice!  It is so beautiful!  I love this ornament!  It turned out wonderfully!  Thanks again, Mom!  You're the greatest!

I worked on my Christmas cards last week, and Sunday night I finished them.  They are waiting for DD's school pictures to arrive, then they will be addressed and sent on their way!  
 I used my Cricut Expression to make all the holly and leaves! 
 Here is the sentiment inside the card.  I thought they were very cute!

Yesterday morning, I worked on my outside decor for the holidays.  I brought home a whole bunch of greenery that Mom, Deb and I harvested at the farm!  We took the loader tractor back to the fence line and gathered and cut all kinds of white pine boughs for decorating!  I brought mine home with me last Saturday night!  The whole back of my Cadi was full!  (shhh, don't tell Hubby!  I'm pretty sure I cleaned up all the evidence! lol)  Mom and DD cut some of the red sticks and berries while I was at the Sit and Stitch, and Deb gave me the birch stick.  I am pleased with the way it turned out, but I think I need a couple more birch sticks.
 What do all think?

I almost forgot to show you all what I got from the open house at my LNS!  All of us who attended the open house got to pick a little package!  In it was a sweet pair of scissors (of course I HAD to grab the pink!  lol), a lovely little biscorn pattern and either Aida or linen!  I believe it was all Polstitches fabric.  What a wonderful surprise!
 Now I just need to find some threads to stitch it!  Maybe some of my lovely silks.

This is my DD's latest finish!  She had stalled on this because she was missing one colour!  DMC 322, which I picked up on Saturday for her.  She finished it Sunday while we were watching movies.
 It's a Dragon Dreams freebie called "Compassion".

I don't have any bird pictures to show this time, but I do have a sweet picture of two of our kitties, Copper and Chloe.  The day before they were play fighting (I hope), but this was snapped yesterday, all tuckered out!
For all my firiends in the USA, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful this past weekend.  And for my friends around the world, I hope your weekend was lovely, too!  I hope everyone is stitching and enjoying the start of holiday season!  Chat soon!


Val said...

Lots of lovely work there ! I particularly love the witch !!

Babs in Alabama said...

Just love it all! And you can tell your mom for me the finishing on the ornie just right. It's beautiful. Your chatelaine finish, your cards, your greenery, the lns start and all the rest I know I'm forgetting. A beautiful blog post.

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the stitching, the sit in, the goodies and who can't resist goodies and the furbabies and love that greenery :)hope the stitching is still going strong :) love mouse xxxx

Janine said...

Oh what a wonderful read. I enjoyed looking at everything and loved your stitching. How wonderful to have your daughter stitching as well.

Prissy said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me want to rush to work on something pretty. I love your urn with all the pine greenery. And I can't wait to see your new biscornu all stitched up. Hugs, Prissy

Denise SA said...

Love that rose mandela and the gingerbread house .Oh why is there so much I want to stitch and so little time

Lynn said...

I love all your stitching projects especially the witch and the gingerbread house.
Your greenery looks wonderful! I wish I had the knack for doing my own. I'm just not very good at that sort of thing.
Your Mom did a fantastic job on the ornament!

Laurita Hall said...

You were really busy!!! I love the Tiny Rose Mandala


Visit my blog:

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Congrats on a wonderfully finished 'rose mandala'.
Love the CCN orny too, with it's silver trim and sparkly [flower] button holding the hanging ribbon in place - your mum is indeed great!
Phew - bet those kitties got pooped just watching you work this month :)
Liz x

Sandy In Montana said...

Beautiful stitching, Melissa.
Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Jo said...

Fantastic stitching and I love your Stoney Creek Moonbeams & Stardust Witch, she's so cheerful looking.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you blog like I do. Long, lol. Lovely post. Your finishes are fabulous. Grats on all the progress too!! And to your dd on her finish as well. Well done, both of you!

Shari said...

great blog post!!! The finishes are great & Oh my!!!! The new LHN start is gorgeous...why oh why do I look at other people's blogs!!!!!!

COUSON said...

Wonderfull work!Have a nice day!!Love

Nancy in IL said...

Melissa, LOVED seeing your furbabies! As you know, I love them all, and yours are no exception! You were really busy before the holidays after your last big post. I enjoyed seeing all the stitching you were working on at that time. Your taste is much similar to mine.

You really have a knack for arranging natural things to make a festive entrance at your front door! I always envy those who can do that! I don't have that knack and have to have it professionally done, but you're very good. It looked wonderful!

Till next time,