Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring... Yay!!

Hello again, my faithful readers. It's time once again for an update.

As the title suggests it's raining here in SW Ontario, and boy am I glad. It has been so dry and hot for the last few weeks. The grass is brown, but the weeds are green! I hope this evens things out! lol

On to the stitching! I am using my iPad with Blogger to post, and it doesn't always let me put pictures in the order I would like to, so please bear with me.

Th first picture is from a chocolate exchange with one of my Yahoo groups from Deb Kluges. It's a lovely piece of 28 count linen in a luscious raspberry chocolate colour! The picture does not do it justice! Thank you so much again, Deb!

The second picture is some stitching I have done for another Yahoo group. It's a combination of an exchange and challenge. Heading to visit my parents tomorrow to raid Mom's fabric to finish them up. One gets sent to my partner, and the other two I keep. My exchange ornament will be on its way to you early next week, Tricia!

The third picture is my July TUSAL update, both for the last month and year to date.

The fourth is my progress on Mirabilia's Silver Moon Tea. I had to completely rip it out and start again as I couldn't find where I made the mistake. It's coming along much better now that I restarted it. And for all my Pink ladies from the Stitching Hangout, this is my July Pink update, because: a) I am tickled pink that I got rid of the frogs plaguing me, and b) there is some pink in this project, just a bit by the brown of her hair!! lol Hopefully more pink will show itself as I continue to stitch it. ;)

Last week DD and I trekked to the big city for some retail therapy. Of course no trip to the big city is complete without a stop at our LNS. I picked up some floss and fabric and goodies for a Birthday thread exchange for The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group. (pictures will be in a later post, after my partners recieve their packages) I have the items all bought for my last two partners, which will both go out next week.

But I couldn't resist a little something for me! Those scissors in the 5th picture were screaming at me, yelling "Buy Me!". Plus I have lovely freebies of cheetah-y needlework patterns that these scissors were made for! That is what I am sticking with.

My last picture is the Thread Exchange for The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group from Theoria from South Africa. As you can see, she spoiled me absolutely rotten! I am still fondling all the lovely threads and bits and bobs! lol. Thank you so much again, Theoria. I can't wait to play with everything!

As well, just today I got an email from 1-2-3 Stitch saying that I have a $10 gift certificate from Barbara Crawford to spend there, in the same birthday exchange. I have had a great stash week!

Well we have come to the end of my update. Hope the weather is treating everyone well, wherever you are. Chat soon!


Anonymous said...

Your projects look great.

I covet your rain. It isn't raining here--at my house in SW Ontario.

Jo said...

Wonderful stitching, glad you've got some rain...we've had plenty to spare lately!

Deb said...

Wonderful update! Love that fabric! Beautiful work and the Mirabilia is looking great. May the frogs stay in their pond and out of your hair.

Pete's Pixie said...

Love those scissors Melissa! Well done on the ornies too. Sorry about the rain but I guess it's time someone else got a share rofl! hugs, Ally xx

Connie said...

That fabric is such a beautiful color. I love seeing your monthly work! -Connie

DUSTY said...

Your stitching looks wonderful, glad you got rid of the frogs. What wonderful stash you have the scissors are lovely and I love the. O,or of the fabric.

Nancy in IL said...

Absolutely love the raspberry choc linen!!! I saw it before my LNS sold and contents moved away - yes AWAY (sniff, sniff!). You're right - photo doesn't do it justice!

LOVE the Mira, but I'll have to look that one up. I have so many in my stash - just not that one. Gorgeous stitching!

The scissors are making my heart go pitty pat (scissor collector)! Do you happen to know if they are Dinky Dyes? They look similar to some of my DD's.

And of course, I love the LHN ornaments (being on the same group as you), but I don't recognize the middle design... do love it though, especially with the little birds.

Thoeria thoroughly spoiled you, and it was sooo nice of Barbara to sent you the GC from 123! Happy shopping to you, honey!

Always love reading your updates though I don't always take time to comment!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Beautiful stitching and stashing!!! : ) I'm so happy to see my ornament... yours is almost done, too!! : )

Bea said...

Busy fingers Melissa and everything looks lovely. LOVE your new stash.

Meari said...

Nice stashing and exchanges!

Your finishes look really cute.

Val said...

Lovely stitching Melissa and oh !! some fantastic stash haul you got there ... I really love the butterfly scissors in the last pic :)

Val x

Denise SA said...

Lovely stash and lovely stitching

Sharyn said...

Great update! My poor blog has been neglected lately! Just takes me a lot of time to do a post. Lovely fabric, projects and stash! Your new start looks great too!

Grit said...

Ich mag die Winterbilder sehr. Schöne Stickerei.
LG Grit

Grit said...
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Franny said...

Your stitching is beautiful, you have been busy. Love your raspberry fabric, cant wait to see what you will stitch on it.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, lots of things to show this time, and lovely things at that. I love your new scissors, and I also like the threads you got. That blue is gorgeous, but I can't read the color name. And the pink scissors are lovely too. (I'm a scissor collector, lol.) Hope you're having a great evening!!!

Jennifer M. said...

That fabric is just lovely. You did have a fantastic stash week. Good for you. Enjoy it all. Love the progress on your Mirabilia. :)


Quayceetatter said...

Love the fabric and all the threads you received. Neat stitching!!