Monday, January 11, 2010

Cards, A Layout and SAL's

I have decided the housework really cuts into my creative time! I think I should get a maid! But I think Hubby might have something to say about it as I don't work outside of the home! LOL! Now onto my completed projects!

On the Two Peas website, I found a class last year called "A Year in Cards" and I saved them all to my computer. This was last January's class. I have finished my cards for the month! Yeah me!!

This is a layout I completed yesterday of my DD and some of her Christmas pictures! It is taken from Scrapbook and Cards Today Project 12 that has just started. They put up a sketch from PageMaps and it supposed to go all year and give inspiration ( which I am sorely in need of) to complete an album in a year. I am trying to use up paper and embellishments that I have so I can maybe buy more!!

Here is my progress on How Does Your Garden Grow. I still have not finished the Bullion knots, but I did try and gave up after half an hour of fighting with them! I decided to post my progress anyways. I may need to hit my LNS and have Kathy help me! I will continue to try and master these. I remember a couple years ago I had problems with French knots and Kathy helped my with them. I will continue on with Part 6.

I finshed Part 7 of Castles in the Air, and I am loving this one! Below I have posted close-up pics of each side of the peacocks. I am loving all the stitches!

I have one more project I would like to add to my monthlyproject list. Every year I scrapbook calanders for my mother, sister and Hubby's grandmother. And every year I end up doing them two weeks before Christmas. This year I would like to work on a calander layout a month, times 3, so all I would have to do is add pictures and bind it.

It is snowing and I have no plans to leave the house today, so in between loads of laundry, I think I will stitch! I am working on another biscornu and will post it when I am finished. I hope everyone has a great day!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

nice to see the update and looking forward to you getting to stitch with us in the furture.
Be always in stitches

Dani - tkdchick said...

I wish I had more time for my creative pursuits! I work full time and definately could use a housecleaner!

Your WIPs look great!

DJ said...

Wow, you have been busy! And I'm with you about needing a maid! haha (I've tried hitting hubby up for that and have been vetoed too many times to count LOL) Great biscornu, by the way! They are fun to do aren't they? Can't wait to see how you progress on How does your Garden Grow! *Hugs8

Bev said...

beautiful work Melissa... so glad you are sharing it with us .. fabulous work.

Dawn said...

Lovely stitching Melissa. I really like the colours you chose for your cards. Well done.

Bev said...

love these beautiful projest.. the cards are fab.. so how are your crafting newyears resolutions going?

Cathy C said...

HI, Just stopped in to check out your blog, and I loved reading up on y our activities. The "How Does Your Garden Grow" piece is lovely. THe colors are marvelous!!! I really do like them. Do you think you could send me a list of what yo uused. I think I will restart mine using your colors -- they are so pretty. I remember people doing this in so many yellows and autumn kinds of colors, and corals, and I really like your blue purple color scheme. Will look forward to seeing progress on this one. I am adding you to my 'friend's blogs' list so I can check back here regularly. You have a lot of nice work done and it sounds like you are a very avid stitcher.

Happy New Year too!

Cathy C said...

BTW, you can just click on my name and it will take you to my blog page as well, where you can leave me a message..... thanks much! Cathy