Monday, January 4, 2010

SAL's and New Finishes

I have just started to read a book I have had for years, and I have made many starts with. It's called "Simple Abundance-A Day Book of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. And it's lesson for today is that "Life is not a dress rehearsal". I can't agree more! And with that, I give you my first finish for the year. It is a freebie from The Floss Box, Free Biscornu #33! I managed to finish it from top to bottom in 3 days! I even put it together myself! (Usually I get my mother to sew things for me!) And it has beads! This one is for you Gillie and DJ!

My next finish is a small ornie from JCS 2008 ornament issue called "A Christmas Song" from Full Circle Designs. Now technically, I finished this one before January 1st, so I won't count it! And it's not finished either.

Now, on to my SAL's. The first one I started was Papillon Creations Castles in the Air and it started May 2009. I am now working on Part 7. Here is what I have done so far.

The second one is also by Papillon Creations (their 2008 SAL) but thru my LNS Thread'n'Eye, called How Does Your Garden Grow. I am on Part 5, and all I have left are the Bullion knots. Frankly, they scare the daylights out of me, but I have same scrap fabric to try them. I am waiting for a bright day so that I can see what I'm doing.

And, I just found out about a new SAL from AAN, Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks, called A Christmas Tree. And I kitted it up! It starts in February! It just looks so pretty and I couldn't help my self!
That is all I have for now! My next update will be about my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects!


nutmegg said...

Well done on the biscornu, you did a great job, now all we need to do is get DJ to do one.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What beautiful work you are doing.
Congrats on your finishes!

Miss 376 said...

The biscornu is delightful, well done for finishing yourself. You've done a marvelous job

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...
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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

The AAN will be quick. I have stitched the Christmas Cardinal Ball and Harem.(pics on my blog) and were nice graphs and correct ones too. lol Hope to see you out one of these Wednesdays Melissa.
Be always in stitches.

Gillie said...

Gorgeous, Miss M! Well, DJ? Love the Papillons too,

Meg said...

Finishes *already*?!?! I'm impressed. And such pretty things! - Meg in NH

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lots of beautiful projects! You really need to start doing your own finishing... you did a great job on that biscornu!

Hillery said...

Fantastic job on the biscornu. I have seen this one on their website, but have never given one a try. Maybe you have inspired me. I am also doing both Papillon SAL's but I have put a halt on both to do other things. Your look wonderful. I might also have to find the Tree SAL in your last pic. You have become an enabler. Great job on your blog.
Your stitching friend,

DJ said...

You know how to make a gal look bad! I'll never hear the end of this from Gillie and Margaret...and here I thought we were friends! LOL!!! Seriously though, great work...and if I send you the pieces I have stitched, will you finish mine off for me? pretty please? LOL!! *Hugs* DJ

Dawn said...

Lovely work Melissa.... naughty girl goading DJ like that (lol). I like the biscornu.... very pretty.



Cathy C said...

What color are you using Melissa on your background fabric for the "How Does Your Garden Grow Piece" Is it gray or blue? I can't tell from my monitor, but it looks very nice with the colors you have chosen. Love your work btw! Very nice and you sure have a lot of goals for one month! My DH passed away last year in May and I am still just trying to find my way. Goals are very simple these days. I generally am one of those "A" personalities who makes lists, and well, now I make them because if I don't I will surely forget something important. Enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the great work!