Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy May!! WARNING!! Long Post ahead!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how busy things have been around here!!  Since I last blogged we have been thru Easter, a whole round of birthdays, Mother's Day, trip to Ottawa, and tree!!  
As you can see below, half of  a tree fell on the house.  It was 6:30 am and I was laying in bed and not sure what woke me up.  I could hear the wind whip, and thunder, so I think that was what woke me up.  A couple minutes later I hear a crash and then the whole house shook!  It rattled my teeth, I don't mind telling you!  LOL!  So looked out the window, and saw the tree down!  Miraculously, I still had Internet!  My hi-speed module was hanging on the old TV antennae!  But then 45 minutes later, a hydro pole halfway up the driveway, gave way, right at ground level (it was rotten at the base)!  So no more power and Internet for me! It took three days to get a new pole put in and the hydro turned back on!
Thank heavens my Hubby came home later that day!  We were able to run my fridge and freezer off his truck!  Then the next morning, my Dad brought over a generator so I could run a couple other things!

I just had to show this picture of a little chipmunk!  I love to watch their antics!  They stuff their little cheeks with all the seeds my birds drop from the feeders!
On to the stitching update!  I have finished Part 21 of CITA!  This has just been so much fun to stitch!!  Again, my Mom chose the Fantasy version over the Floral one!
Here is the close-up!  I can't believe that I only have 2 parts left!  As much as I want for it to be done, I think that I will miss it!  I hope Yvonne does another SAL after this one, as I have done the last two of hers and have enjoyed them immensely!  I love learning all the specialty stitches!
I went away for Mother's Day weekend!  Now when I booked it, I didn't realize that Mother's Day was that weekend!  I dropped DD off at my Mom's, then I went to Hubby's Aunt Bev's!  A few years ago, I got her into scrapbooking, and she does the most beautiful layouts and cards!  I haven't done any scrapping lately, so  I thought it would be fun!  And it was!!  We scrapped, and shopped, and scrapped some more!  She showed me the most fun techniques and little tricks!  I did two layouts and three cards!  They were so much fun to do!

The one above is a two page layout, that I did of DD and her two cousins when they were here for a sleepover!  They dressed up in princess play costumes and made poor Periwinkle join the fun!! LOL!

The next one is just some photos I took of DD a few years ago at the cottage, on the dock!  I think we were waiting for Hubby, as he was off riding our SeaDoo!  These are among my favourite photos of my daughter, as they capture her personality so well!
This was a card I made for DD to give as a "thank you" card for friends of ours!  They gifted Samantha with a generous amount of money for her Ottawa trip!
The card below is my sister's birthday card!  She loves ladybugs!  I just realized that I forgot to photograph the biscornu I made for her!  Will have to get her to send me a photo of it! 
This card was for my BIL!  I wanted it in "manly" colours!!  LOL!
My Darling DD picked these for me from the flower beds, and I couldn't resist sharing!  I LOVE the smell of Lilies of the Valley!  For such a small flower, they sure pack a punch in the fragrance department!
I joined a new group a couple weeks ago, after seeing some beautiful SAL's on other's blogs!!  This one is called the Tree of Stitches by Abi Gurden of The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group, and I can't wait to start it!!  I have it kitted up and am using some linen and  Crescent Colors, GAST and Weeks Dye Works that I had on hand!  I am trying to use up what I have instead of always buying more!
The next two pictures are of our trip to Ottawa!  DD and I had so much fun!  We went with the Grade 7/8 class of Our Lady of Fatima school!  (DD's school!) We took a coach bus for the long journey and the kid's were great!  Our bus driver was fantastic, our tour guide "guy" was wonderful!  The kid's had been fundraising for the school year, so they got some of the amount taken off their price, plus $20 extra spending money!  We left on Tuesday May 17 and got back Friday May 21!  It was action packed and very busy!!
 The above picture was taken at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, in Gatineau, Quebec, just across the river from Ottawa, Ontario.  In fact, right across the river in the background, is the Parliament building!
Below is a picture of the Peace Tower!
I'll only show a couple pictures at a time, as I don't want you all to become bored with my blog!  And there are some I can't show, as I don't have the permission of the kid's parents!

And last but certainly not least, here is my bird picture!  This is one that my Dad doesn't have!  (ha ha Dad!! Just teasin'!)  This one is called a Northern Flicker!  Sort of a ground woodpecker!  They like ants!

Trying to finish up my ornament for my ornament SAL, and have Part 22 of CITA printed out and ready to go!  Cinderella and The Tree of Stitches are both ready to go and calling my name as well!  But first I must tidy my craft room so I can make invitations for my DD's 13th birthday party next week!  I am taking four girls to get mini manicures and pedicures, then back to our house for home made pizza and cupcakes, and a sleepover!  Wish me well!!  LOL! I also hope to get my flowers planted this weekend, so hopefully next week I can post about that!  Hope everyone has nice weather where they are! Chat soon! 


Nan Davis said...

WOW Melissa, things have really been busy for you. Glad to hear you are safe after the tree fell on your house. I just love all the photos in your blog, and also love the scrapbook pages. Your stitching is beautiful and I've enjoyed watching your CITA progress.
Nan in PA (bbinteractive group)

stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you Nan! It has been a busy month, to say the least! I have mixed feelings about finishing CITA! But I'm sure I'll fill the time in! LOL!

Villa-loredana said...

Hello dear, fortunatelly all is ok for you, thanks for nice pic and blog, really enyoed to read. Loredana

Always smiling said...

Omgosh that tree falling must have been horrific.. well done you coping with it.

Lovely photos and your CITA is looking amazing.
Happy Stitching and hope DD birthday goes well, I wish I could come as I really need a pedicure!!LOL
Hugs Chris

stitchesnscraps said...

Loredana, Thanks for your lovely comments! And yes, we are doing fine after all the chaos!

stitchesnscraps said...

Aww, thanks Chris! We are all fine! We were pretty lucky! I wish you could come too! I am getting my toes done a couple days before the girls as an early b-day present to me! (mine is the day after my DD's)

Kirsten Edwards said...

Beautiful stitching and scrapbooking. That chipmunk is so cute.

stitchesnscraps said...

Thank you, Kirsten! We have so much wildlife around here and they are so much fun to watch!

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

You have been busy lol
Nice to squeeze some stitching in eh!

stitchesnscraps said...

I did manage to squeeze some stitchingn, but I sure would have liked to stitch more! Thanks for looking, Patti!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Love your pictures and your posting.
A great trip It seems.
Love the stitching, too.

Lynn said...

I'm so glad that tree decided to land on the ground and not on the house!
CITA looks amazing! I really enjoy watching your progress on this one. So close to a finish now!
The scrapbooking looks like it was fun. I've thought about getting into this but figure I can't afford more than one hobby. I get too carried away, lol!
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Ottawa. I'm only about 50 min from there and visit often. It's a lovely city.

Prairiemom said...

Great pics Melissa, I'm so glad you guys are safe after that tree crashed down. When I lived in England, our roof needed major re-tiling after a hurricane, and hundredds of trees were lost in our region.

CITA is beautiful, well done!


blueladie said...

Welcome to the LHN/CCN group. Love your blog and the stitching you did on your SAL is wonderful. :) Cathryn

Sharyn said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of your great pictures!
Great stitching!

Bev said...

love the long post.. so full of fun things..stitching, photos and great photos of your scrapping with me.. it really was a great weekend.... hugs Aunt Bev