Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Update! (And so soon! LOL!)

Hi All!  Here is another update on the happenings here at the Joyes' house!  Finally, May is over and we are into June!  My schedule has opened up immensely, which has been great on the stitching front!  Below is Papillon Creations Castles in the Air!  Part 22 down, and one more to go!  This month it was the four corners, and they are lovely!!  There were two versions, a drawn thread and a four-sided stitch version!  I chose the four-sided stitch version, as this is Aida!  I couldn't fathom trying drawn thread stitches on Aida!  LOL!
 Top Left corner.
 Bottom left corner.
 Top right corner.
 Bottom right corner.
 Once I have the last part I can start to bead!  I hope to have this completed early in July!  Wish me luck!  Because then I want to work exclusively on my Spring Carousel Horse!
I also finished my May ornament for my Ornament SAL.  It's by Country Cottage Needleworks, from one of the JCS ornament issues! (Sorry, can't for the life of me remember the year.)
 And just this morning, I finished stitching June's ornament, a LizzieKate, from the 2007 JCS ornament issue!  I started this one on June 6 while watching DD row out on the lake!  Sat in my folding chair, in the shade and stitched!  It was glorious!
Here is a picture of the biscornu that I made for my sister's birthday this year!  It was a freebie from designer, Faby Reilly!  It has two of my sister's favourite things, Lilly of the Valley and ladybugs!  She was thrilled!  She sent me a photo from her phone, as I forgot to take a picture!  :(
This is a picture of the invitation I sent out for DD's birthday this year!  I made it with my Cricut machine!  I am trying to use this more in my cards and scrapbook pages, as I have it!  And I have a bunch of cartridges, so why not put it to use!
The girls had a blast!  The three other girls met us at the salon, where they got to have manicures and pedicures!  They went with the wildest colours and the most fun finishes!  DD had her nails painted black with a white crackle finish!!  Way cute!
 They they all came back to our house and had homemade pizza and snacks!  Here are the four individual pizzas I made for the girls!  They choose their own toppings!
 Then they had cake!  White cake with purple icing for  DD!!
They had a sleepover and took over the living room!  Hubby picked up an air mattress, so it all worked out great!  They played basketball and volleyball outside!  Then they were all gone about noon the next day!  I got a very big hug and a "Thanks for my party, Mom!" after all the other girls were gone!  Makes it all worthwhile for me!!
Now last, but not least, I have a new bird to show you!  This one is called a Brown Thrasher!  Sorry, Dad, another one you don't have!!  LOL!  They like to forage on the ground for food and seeds!
Well I should get going now!  Hubby said that he hoped to be home close to 3 pm today, and it's getting to be that time!  Just going to fold a couple loads of laundry, and since I finished what I set out to do this week stitching-wise, I think I'll put the fabric I've chosen for the Tree of Stitches on my scroll frame and maybe make a start!  Have a nice weekend, everyone!  Chat soon!


Mouse said...

oo lovely CITA :) I have got all the parts and that's as far as I have got .lol I will do the drawn thread version though :) love your ornaments and so glad the birthday girl had a fab day :) well done on using the cricut for your cards :) love the biscornu :) enjoy your weekend stitching love mouse xxx

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Great job on the stitching. love all of the pieces. Looks like the birthday girl had a great time, wish her a happy birthday from one of your stitching friends.
I love birds, so love seeing the one that you took a picture of.

DUSTY said...

WOW, your fingers have been busy !!! CITA looks wonderful !! i haven't even started mine yet. it is still in the "one of these days " mode. LOL The Birthday party for your daughter sounds like a fun deal, and one I am sure she will remember always. I love the bird.

wendy111 said...

Your CITA is looking wonderful, I love the corners you have just done. It must be exiting to be so close to finishing.

Your ornaments are lovely too, and I always like a nice bird photo

Villa-loredana said...

Always ready to read you and to comment so nice works. Have a nice time. Loredana

Babs in Alabama said...

Love the ornaments and your Castles in the Air is drop dead gorgeous...almost there! you must be full of anticipation. I looked for the biscornu but not free or for sale. Oh well, love yours.

Bea said...

You've been busy as usual. CITA looks fabulous - love the choices you and your mom have made.

The birthday party sounded like a lot of fun.

Well done in keeping up with your ornaments. Really like the disigns you picked. And I LOVE the biscornu. Looking forward to seeing what you post next!

Janice and Gerald said...

"Castles" is looking great!!!
Hugs - Janice

Justflo said...

Well done with your 'Castles', I too have managed to keep up with it and am looking forward to the last download and then off to the framers.

Strangely enough I have also done one of the Carousel Horses. i have a book of them but I did a single one by Teresa Wenzler that took me an age. Good luck with yours.

Tracey said...

Wow! Beautiful finishes and your Castles in the Air is gorgeous!!

Jackie said...

Hi there Melissa. How gorgeous is Castles in the Air piece and it will be twice as gorgeous with the beads. Loved all the ornies you finished stitching. Sounds you all had a grand of a time with the birthday party and I think the kids do really appreicate what we do for them on their special days.
TFS your work.

Lynn said...

Lots of stitching going on at your place! Castles looks fantastic! You're so very close to a finish now, it won't be long.
Love the ornaments too.

Always smiling said...

Amazing stitching I love it, so intricate.
And that birthday sounded fun... all mine are grown and flown and now birthdays are dinner parties!
We still have cake though, can't have a birthday without cake even at 40!
Hugs Chris x

EvalinaMaria said...

Your Castles in the Air look fabulous! Congrats on the finishes and it looks like girls had fun!

Jo said...

Fabulous CITA and I love the biscornu, Faby Reilly have some great designs don't they.

lilycat51 said...

I love that biscornu!!!
I cannot seem to find the pattern anywhere online though :(